Evaluation Day

The job evaluation with the home care supervisor went well, she objected to the number cats in my apartment and … More

Deeply Appreciative

To the graduation ceremony organizers & Board of Directors. Requesting my name be removed from the list of graduates at … More

Dishwashing politics 2

Multiple political media sources say embattled political dishwasher Jose will drop out of the upcoming election, and surrender efforts to … More

Dishwashing politics

Due to massive protests and civil unrest, Jose refuses to step down from his political dishwashing position for culinary treason. … More

I laugh, You Giggle☣

Uranium-contaminated site collapses into Detroit River 60,000 tons of dangerous radioactive waste sits on Great Lakes

平庸的米切爾 …

In a deep state of hypnotic-hate/hatenotic trance using God’s wrathish tongue of hate 平庸的米切爾 asked Satan “If Everyone’s opinions & … More

20191108 073705

平庸的米切爾 ..

And as the crowd of the living paraded and mocked Mitchell’s soulless bleeding dead body. Secretly those with down syndrome, … More