Happy National Hermit Day

A day to indulge in peaceful solitude, so before going to the basement or attic, tell the “wife and kids to leave you alone!!” on this day. Make sure the setting is proper with dim lights to achieve the maximum results for sinister thoughts and ideas. Start by focusing on personal issues and ways they can be resolved, like the security guard who follows you around the convenience store thinking your going to steal something, when you’re a regular customer who’s never stolen anything before. Think about following him around the store; in a threatening manner with a baseball bat. Give him the vibe that your about to crack his skull to finally settle the score. Maybe focus on work issues that bother you, which can be resolved by bringing empty canisters of gasoline and wearing a used bulletproof vest to work..daily. Lastly political grudges, that can resolved by joining a militia group with the same interests to discuss if there’s calm & peaceful poisonous solution to the issue or political person that bother you. Meditate, allow these thoughts to cuddle you into a deep trance hypnotic rejuvenative state of mind. At the end of the day kiss the wife and kids goodnight.

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