Administrative Opposition

First week at the new job, I greeted everyone who sat in the waiting area with a friendly good morning, They just looked at me and walked away. 

An old guy walked in, made a silent greeting gesture and said “you dress like one of those ISIS guys or a bounty hunter.

Which is it?”. 

I explained the first day I worked wearing a white shirt & navy blue ironed crease pants, they said I wouldn’t last long because I was one of those people who don’t like to get dirty. 

So now I wear black shirt with matching arm sleeves, and face mask with black pants every day. 

The old man said after they get rid of me, you’ll be next. 

I asked why would they get rid of you. 

He rolled up his sleeve and peeled off his hairy arm an unusual looking dead mosquito. 

He claims the mosquitoes followed him and a large swarm lived near his mobile home, they’re going to find a way to fire you too because you dress like a terrorist everyday. 

As days passed we would sit in the waiting area before starting work and watch a group of managers stare at us while entering the main office room for meetings. 

One day during a staff recognition ceremony, they rewarded him for his 7 years with the company. 

Everybody congratulated him, took pictures with him that were posted on the company’s website & newsletter. 

2 weeks later the company had another staff recognition ceremony, they announced the same names as the one 2 weeks ago but didn’t announced the old guy name. 

I asked the person standing next me during the ceremony what happened to the old guy they announced last time, the person said the old guy got fired and erased from the company’s website & newsletter for spreading bugs in the main office. 

I was so frozen with anger when they announced my name for perfect attendance I couldn’t move.

Later that day I requested a transfer to another facility.


  1. Yikes. 😯 Is this a true story??? (And lol, a terrorist? I dress like a school s*ooter some days, but without a bullet proof vest and a trench coat. My mom says I need to fix my fashion sense and dress better.😩)

      1. 😂 How would PPE make you look “scary?” I’d just assume you were a clean freak or you like to be protected. I’m assuming from your name, you have some indigenous American heritage so that could be why people think you look scary.

  2. It sounds like you had a challenging experience at your new job. It’s unfortunate that you had to deal with such comments and a strange situation with your coworker. Requesting a transfer to another facility seems like a reasonable decision given the circumstances.

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