Fresh Hostility, Pure Animosity

Previously: on Purifying Michigan: The mayor announced the big national sporting event coming to the city. Every sleeper cell & militia group in the state heard the rooster call and added their diabolical plots & ideas to the Christmas list. The sleepless cell member who lives in the glory of holy vindictiveness from degradation, jokes and death wishing smiles said this “Right can be morally unscrupulous and wrong can develop the quality of being morally righteous or justifiable, depending on which has exercised its faith in extremism. Their greatest threat is subconscious self-inflicted. The continuous cycle of ballistic destruction brought upon by the need to condemn & berate for humor, self gratification or hunger for social connection. To do nothing but watch their homemade apocalypse boil over through generations is worthy of the finest theater snacks. Michigan can be only purified through extreme toxic contamination, may we all bathe in the pleasures of its humorous self-damnation.”


  1. Michigan politics are a nightmare – their in good company. It only gets worse when good people do nothing.

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