Mutual Unorder

Due to unseen demoralization of human character. which seem to be the root of conflict in mass shootings. The solution to change civilian gun laws may help. however to close one door another must be opened. My 2 cents solution, every state should redefine it’s mutual combat law, so the real problem can be exposed and prevented in the future. Most States mutual combat law are currently undefined or illegal. State citizens should petition to allow Mutual combat, that can take place anywhere, and both parties must agree to the fight. Additionally, the altercation can result in serious bodily injury or death without a fire arm. The participants will not face charges or legal compensation penalties even if the fight results in death. Two wrongs won’t make it right, but the lesser of two evils will allow humanity to learn, prevail and evolve.


    1. when two individuals intentionally and consensually engage in a fair fight, while not hurting bystanders or damaging property. It’s undefined in 47 states, legal in 2 state and illegal in 1 state. But there many legal ramifications.

  1. Your right Two wrong won’t make a right…. Thats why i don’t believe in the death penalty… A murder is a monster but the states not… It’s sick….

  2. A gentleman’s duel… fist or swords at dawn. I missed the days when a simple fist fight (although I prefer words) – settled it.

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