Go! Michigan State

The years of painful degradation and low expectations from scoring under 6.0 on the richter scale. They’re no longer laughing with you, nor should you laugh with them. Meditate in their humorous negativity, let it  pacify your ego. A chef once told a dying co-worker “glad I didn’t give you a raise, your dying of cancer, haHaha”. Feel the hateful grudge, let it consume you until your possessed with enough inter-rage violence to dominate news headlines. Package your vindictiveness in hyper-sanity to achieve your atrocious goals. Feel the spiritual fracking of loyal fans, who know you have the potential to break the 9.5 record. Be the heroic-extinction that destroys us better than we can destroy ourselves. Active your fault lines, Be the champion.


  1. :/ That’s terrible. Some people and companies can be so ridiculously heartless you wonder if they even were a human.

      1. Idk if that was supposed to be funny or not but I’m slightly amused at what you said. You have a point. Some people’s lives are heavy modded as well.

        If you are being funny, you have a very pleasantly dark sense of humor that is hard to come across online. (Probably because people don’t understand dark humor and just make fun of people mercilessly or they lack nuance and intelligence.)

      2. It was meant as a positive message. The dark humor is a byproduct of past experiences.

    1. Miller brewery “publicly” admitted the wrong doing that was happening at that factory. which is “very rare” and helped heal deeper than many understood.

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