Breaking The Ice

I struggle with blogging in the personal department because I don’t want to appear irrational or not opened minded. However I do try to blog at least two times a month and this month only has 28 days. So here’s something I wrote to break the ice from my silent work style while working 2 different jobs early last year. After writing this to both companies. One job I was relieved of duty and told I wasn’t allow on the property by the local peace officer. The other job management replied to what I wrote  “Thanks for making it obvious your available to work overtime, and training is available to work in other departments within the facility.” Here’s the email & ~feel free to comment~ {Dear staff & Management: I seriously apologize for my Cobra Commander complex syndrome.(it’s like an alcoholic with an abnormal mental disorder)  Unlike cobra who wanted to destroy the world, I just want the destruction of Michigan. In 2000 I made a list of goals & ideas with the intent to cause the destruction of Michigan, but so far our government, foreign governments and big companies intercepted my goals and ideas with greater success. However I’m fighting the urge to not give up on giving up with therapy. These ideas & goals are considered threats. So I’ll leave it up to the management & the executive order to judge my future fate with the company.}


  1. I mean, there’s tons of irrational and strange people on here. Give yourself a break. I think you’re quite interesting and your posting style is always something I’m interested in.

    I have no idea what you mean by that email, but I hope you’re doing okay. But, even then, it seems like a lot of politicians are doing the job you want to do.(😭)

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