The Factory’s Apocalypse #2

The echoes of silent conspiracies & twisted grudges fades away to the peaceful view of a long slow moving train. When one disastrous tragedy (Train Strike of 2022) is avoided another has potential to blossom. These slow moving trains secretly transport nuclear radioactive materials contained in a special canister casket in case of a accident or terrorist threat. Most terrorists in my area know the companies nuclear cost cutting weaknesses, dumping site under water/ground coordinations and leakages. So an attack would only alarm and hinder the pending doom process. We all just sit back, relax and enjoy the peaceful view of the slow moving train.


  1. It’s amazing what we choose “not to see” in order to cope in our own little world – not understanding just how small this world is. We were designed to take care of each other – failure to do so is not an option. We are witnessing the consequences. Bless you my friend.

    1. your right, we are designed to take care of each other. (metaphorically) I’m sure during the underground railroad days there were times, when the lantern had to be blown out and traveling through darkness led to freedom. The purpose of this blog was to know who’s the real threat. The terrorists, the companies that dump radioactive waste or the consumers (us)

    2. Can’t see everything in our reality. That’s why it’s easy and hard to understand what people are talking about and just have to read and believe what they tell us.

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