Motivational Thought of The Day

It’s often said that past struggle shape us into the people we are today, if this is true skinwalkers have seen many supernatural struggles beyond human comprehension. For it to overcome and be accepted in today’s world would dwarf our perception of stress & anxiety, because the thought of someone and not some-“thing” not fitting in society is a depressing unlaughable joke.


  1. Interesting. I think not letting go of the past is what shapes a lot of people. Constant exposure to trauma, lived over and over in the mind, will distort anyone’s current reality – and at times, those around them. The opposite is also true. The world we live in today would have you believe that every distorted reality presented has merit, and therefore it should be celebrated and consecrated as fact. Rather, I believe we must have empathy for the victims – set them free. But the spirit of their affliction must be cast out, and the deceit of their oppression must be destroyed.

    1. Dang, I don’t know if I can write this better. This is well said. I want to add though that self compassion and mindfulness is one of the most freeing things in this society. It’s hard living with distortions and expectations, but stepping back and analyzing and loving myself in a way that doesn’t affect people too much is the best thing I can do.

  2. I think it’s one of the most stressful things. Sometimes I go to sleep at night feeling like my existence is a joke and I wasn’t made to fit into this world.😫

    1. Now this, nothing can further from the truth – your existence matters tremendously. But yes, you were not made to fit into this world – you were made to subdue it, change it, and create something as unique as you in it. Never settle my friend.

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