Outside the Circle

Is where one becomes a sacrifice for humiliation. Your allowed the glory of rejection, and the omnipotence of isolation. The end, never ends because you become a continuous living example to the wrath of anti-socializing. The best you can hope for is to be cloaked in the celestial body of dark matter.


  1. The dark is the lie that tells you it is where you belong. It wants to keep you voice quiet in fear, shame, guilt, or regret – all lies. Voices that speak truth burst forth light, which we were created to do. The very vibrations of your voice changes the atmosphere around you. Death, destruction, anger, and sorrow – all facts you see. Facts can change, but the truth will remain. Speak death, you give and receive it. The same is true if you speak life, you give and receive it. One you speak from a position of defeat, the other a position of victory. We choose our position – I’m not a loser, and neither are you my friend.

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