Political Science Of Public Shaming

In the world of public shaming, the person who’s being shamed (the disesteemed) is given an unlimited number of self-destructive social choices, to satisfy the public’s thirst for spiritual damming humor. The disesteemed keeps them distracted from doom pending world events and the final moments of spiritual warfare. The one who was publicly shamed & crucified for our sins, left a loophole that allows the energy from public shaming or humiliation to be used as the disesteemed chooses. The threat of gathering enough energy is a threat in itself towards humanity. I welcome the gift of 48 seconds on the doomsdays clock, as a birthday present. _ We all subconsciously anticipate humanity harvesting of destruction, that’s why I want to hold your hand as we all embrace the fruits of our afterlife. United together we don’t have to be intimidated by the weeping, gnashing, fire & brimstone of damnation, we can make it a safe place to raise a family. Together we can promise to deliver an abundance of fresh clean ice water. Together we can make our afterlife home a beautiful alternative to heaven. 

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