Underground Goals

In my very younger years I always wanted to become one of those religious faith healers, unfortunately the gift wasn’t available for me or I just didn’t play the cards I was dealt good enough. Now in my later 40’s after a few months of completing the medical assistant program and experiencing the medical field. my journey towards becoming an physician assistant with the motivation of few and demotivation of many, will start in January. My alter ego defensive strategy will be working overtime so I continue to appear to be falling from the grace of society while completing my medical goals incognito.

(Incognito Painting by Katalin Boros-Oláh | Saatchi Art)

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  1. Healing by faith has nothing to do with religion, but having and understanding your relationship with God – your position in Jesus Christ. The healing is done through you and not by you. Bless you brother. I look forward to reading more about your journey.

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