Greathearted Sanity

Yesterday on the bus I noticed the guy who waves his hands in the air while talking to himself, he wears at least 6 holy cross necklaces. Not far from him is another guy who carries a bible full of notes to work everyday. Those 2 reminded me of others in the past who talked out loud to God on the bus, they smelled bad but it never bothered me. If the seat was empty next me, I offered it to one of them. Because If the sky broke open and biblical judgment day came, I would get a front row seat to see how it looks going to heaven. I envy their courageous sanity towards spirituality. Hopefully before it’s too late, I’ll join the team when my spiritual sanity snaps. I’ll be in the back of the bus rolling a Ten Commandment token across my knuckles while talking out loud to God.

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