Self Intervention

Gateful for the ability to support my family and my 7 cats while maintaining a shadow of sub-mediocrity. So deep down inside I’m very happy. Due to Bio radiation parole and the right to try restrictions, appearing to live an isolated shadowy life, for a long period of time helps the major parties involved with the cause of my illness, breathe easier. Looking at the cards I was dealt after the deck got reshuffled, I’m still in the game and doing well.


  1. Try to allow your actions to match your thoughts, I just heard about everyone on B-floor winning the lottery based on your prediction. Your a hero here because your criticized or villainized somewhere else, We feel your struggle. ~ OPD manager.

    1. I’m so sorry, this is not the same person you when to church with and traveled the states with, just to volunteered for the Red Cross. The “Hot Cornbread & Hope” days are over for me. YOU Be stronger and hold the light longer. However if a situation occurs when 2 extreme wrongs can only make it right. …Contact me

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