Sunshine Hopes & Great Lake Dreams

This is positive thinking gone haywire. First of all when they’re doing all the so call “future engineering” for Michigan, where’s all the waste going to go?. The idea that Michigan’s fresh water will draw people and businesses is a Michigan political futuristic wet dream . Fish are already dying in small pockets of water in Michigan due to toxic dumping by current future engineering companies. Let’s learn to take the negative & positive, people will adapt to upcoming (bleach-urinate ammonia) flavored water. And if we all get cancer from drinking it that’s ok. The cure for cancer will save us, until it mutates into a new incurable cancer, and that’s ok also. Because humorous cancer jokes will champion us through the tough times. The flourished livestock and future farming sounds like an anorexic’s dehydrated vagina. The hot future summer will drought the land causing animal starvation and the cold winters will freeze the summers starving animals or evolve them to eat only humans to survive. The best futuristic hope for Michigan is a quick and painless nuclear bomb aftermath beginning. …. Let the church say Amen

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