Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ~

Its been above 2 minutes to midnight too long. There’re at least 2 abandon nuclear waste dump sites near every large body of water on earth, world goals are to increase the travel speed of nuclear & biological weapons are in high demand. The uncontrollable urge for mankind to humiliate one another for cyber-popularity, for it all to end in another epidemic mass-shooting is accelerating to the point of acceptable normalcy. And the animals that aren’t mimicking human behavior are becoming extinct. Full-time Christians are moving to part-time and part timers are being drawn towards emotional inspirationist gurus. Astroids are bullying earth out of its orbit. The doomsday clock should be at least set to 1 minute and 42 seconds to midnight.


    1. Don’t want you to feel I misinterpreted your comment with a misguided reply, however I do appreciate it so Happy MLK Day.

  1. My thoughts are you knew about things that were going to happen before it happened! Some crazy revelation has caused you too see beyond what it is in today’s world! (Having knowledge is always attractive)!

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